Learning courage

“When the student is ready, the teacher appears.”

Tao saying

Photo courtesy of Arup Malakar (Creative Commons)

Photo courtesy of Arup Malakar (Creative Commons)

Evidently, I’ve been ready for a while and needed a lot of teachers. Over the last year or so, it seems that I have been given lessons on many fronts, mostly focused on learning to face fear and step out in courage.

From Chris Brogan and his Brave New Year course and his book It’s Not About the Tights, to Jon Acuff and his books Quitter and Start, to just yesterday at the Global Leadership Summit when Bill Hybels began the two-day leadership sessions with a segment on courage, and then speakers throughout the day continued the theme.

“Don’t let fear make you abort the vision,” Hybels tells us. Powerful words. How many visions or goals have you backed out on or ignored because you were afraid they wouldn’t work, afraid you couldn’t do it, afraid of ________ (you fill in the blank)?

How many times in my life have I played it safe and done what was expected, only to be bored and unfulfilled?

Lately I feel like I am hurtling forward at such an incredible speed, fear can hardly keep up. Yet there are times in the night or on a run when I wonder just what it is I’m doing, and maybe I’m making a mistake and should just calmly step back. But then I remember that feeling – that inexplicable feeling of satisfaction when you are doing something that you feel passionate about and know you were meant to be doing.

Yeah, that feeling. And I close my eyes and keep rolling past that fear.

How are you stepping out in courage?