Journey to the Marathon – week 1

gym“If I just lie here very still, it doesn’t hurt. What on earth was I thinking?”

Those were my first thoughts upon waking Thursday, the day after my first “strength/core training” day as part of my marathon training.

As a former gym rat, I’m no stranger to weight training and gyms, but over the last year, I’ve been focused primarily on running with some push ups and sit-ups done at home. However, as I begin my journey to the marathon, I’m doing my best to adhere to the training plan set out by Team World Vision.

I dutifully headed to the gym on Wednesday with my weight training plan in hand, ready to tackle 3 exercises per body part, including the optional leg exercises. There’s only one multiple-use piece of equipment at the gym at my apartment complex, so I improvised with hand weights as well. I worked my chest, shoulders, back, arms and legs. After the hour, I left feeling a bit shaky, but good for having worked my plan.

Midway through the afternoon, I felt a twinge in my shoulders. Oh, that’s interesting. I usually don’t get sore until the 2nd day – which would mean what? Friday? Ok, maybe this is just a fluke.

Then as I got ready for bed, I felt more twinges in my legs and arms. By Thursday, I was feeling sore pretty much all over. And today (Sunday), still aware of muscles, but not aching like I was. Wow.

I see the value in the weight training again. I obviously have not been utilizing all these muscles in my current regimen, so I definitely need to continue the weight training to be stronger for this race and for life in general.

Funny it took such a drastic move as signing up for a marathon to get me back into the gym!

What keeps you going to the gym?

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