It’s all in your mind

Photo courtesy of Jay Roeder (Creative Commons)

Photo courtesy of Jay Roeder (Creative Commons)

Lately I’ve struggled with motivation – it is cold outside, making it really hard to get inspired to run. I just want to curl up under a blanket with hot tea.

I have several large projects that will involve a great deal of time and focus, and it’s difficult to get started because it just feels so overwhelming and there’s such a time commitment looming.

It’s tax time again, and I always hate going through the steps of pulling the receipts and papers together and answering all the questions in Turbo Tax.

Each of these activities has become so overwhelming in my head that I can barely focus on them anymore. Even when reviewing what I need to do each day, I feel my whole thought process closing down when something so awful comes to mind.

And yet when I get my head out of the way, and bundle up and get out there to run, it’s not as cold as I expected and I feel invigorated and energized afterwards.

If I actually think about the large projects and break them down into smaller, actionable steps, then that becomes manageable. And taxes – no easy way around that, but honestly, if I’d just go ahead and get busy on it, it would be done and I could move on.

It’s all in getting it out of my mind. Somehow, I have to learn to bypass my negative thinking and just do what I need to. I need to quit thinking about it and do it.

How do you get out of your mind and into action?