Is leading your team like herding cats?

Photo courtesy of Romtomtom (Creative Commons)

Some of my best teams have had a synergy that makes working together easy and seamless. The different personality types complement each other, and communication is strong enough to keep everyone moving in the same direction. The result is satisfaction.

On the other hand, I have been on some teams where all the team members seemed to be going in different directions. Each person is doing their own thing without updating the other team members, team members give out conflicting information, jobs are duplicated, and progress is stalled waiting on answers. Frustration reigns.

By following a few simple steps, teams can blend together more easily.

  • Outline – the plan and assignments so everyone understands their responsibility
  • Communicate – develop a method of regular communication so everyone can stay in touch
  • Update – provide regular updates on progress, either in a short meeting, by email or by phone
  • Adjust – if the project gets off base, adjust any of the teams impacted and get back on track.

Communication is the most difficult piece of the puzzle of leadership. Once you get the communication right, your team will be synced and effective.

2 thoughts on “Is leading your team like herding cats?

  1. I like the briefness and the message. It’s like The 3 Bears. One is too big, one is too small… but this one is just right!
    From one herder to another.. Rollin rollin rollin… keep those kitties rollin

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