I need to have a word with you, Fear.

Photo courtesy of Life Life Happy (Creative Commons)

Photo courtesy of Life Life Happy (Creative Commons)

I am putting you on notice, Fear. You are going down. You are trying to stop me from doing important things, and I am putting an end to it.

Take that.

I said yes to two opportunities next week that terrify me. I honestly don’t know why I said yes, other than I acted irresponsibly and didn’t think about it very hard.

Both seemed like things I needed to do, and for once, I spoke that little word “yes” before I thought through the ramifications of what I was saying yes to, probably because both situations involve talking about my passions.

Each time after I hung up the phone, the first words out of my mouth were “oh what have I done?”

Fear poured down doubt and uncertainty and outright panic on me so forcefully I could hardly breathe. I had that moment where I had to hold onto something to catch my breath, and somehow push back the terror that enveloped me so that I could focus on the good that I will be doing. I need to concentrate on the message that I’ll be sharing, rather than the extreme discomfort in how I will be sharing it. After all, it isn’t about me anyway, it’s about getting the story across and hoping that someone else is impacted in a positive way through what I am doing.

So am I comfortable now with what I’ll be doing? No way on earth!

Is anxiety simmering already even though it’s several days before I do this? You bet!

Am I going to let it change my mind or stop me? Not in a million years!

Look out fear – I am aiming for you and you are going down!

2 thoughts on “I need to have a word with you, Fear.

  1. Hey Carol, when I am afraid of something, I always ask myself, “What is the worst thing that could happen?” When I figure that out and come up with possible ways to face that, the fear starts to fade. John Acuff says fear is a bully that lives in your head. If you write it down, refute it with the truth and share it with someone, it diminishes because it hates community. And then he said, “Leaders go first.”

    Something I read recently was “do you want to be comfortable or do you want to grow?”

    Keep your blog readers posted on what happens! And congratulations on saying YES – you won’t regret it, no matter what.

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