Humbled and tested

Team First PresHumbled and tested are the words that describe my week.

Humbled by the support I’ve received from friends for my upcoming half marathon for Team World Vision. I was very uncomfortable asking for donations, even though they are not FOR me, but on my behalf to help provide access to clean water for people in Haiti. My friends have been very generous with their kindness and dollars.

I’ve been tested because it’s been a week of things not going as planned, not even close to what was planned. I am mentally and emotionally frazzled, which has meant I am physically exhausted as well. I do not give in easily, so it’s been a test for me to admit that I am tired and not at my best and need to rest. Even my long run yesterday was intended to be longer, but I realized half way through that I did not have it in me to do the full planned distance.

Learning to bend and be flexible seems to be the lesson I’m learning these days. I am a creature of habit and love routines, but nothing in my life lately seems routine. From my running schedule (keep adjusting because of weather and other issues) to my work to my living arrangements, change seems to be the common factor.

A network of family, friends and online friends make coping with changes and maintaining a positive attitude much easier. And a faith that things happen for a reason, and that I may not understand God’s plan, but He has one! I guess trusting Him is one of the things I need to learn.

So I get ready to plunge into another week of changes – clinging to what little routine I can and ready to open my arms to embrace the changes I’m certain are headed my way, chanting my mantra “change is good, change is good…”

I am running in the Country Music Half Marathon on April 27 with Team First Pres Franklin and Team World Vision to raise money for clean water in Haiti. Please consider supporting my efforts. Click here to donate. Thank you for your prayers and support.