How will you be brave next year?

I always struggle a bit with the beginning of each new month, especially near the end of the year. My life is full, and I feel incredibly blessed by the busyness, but I also feel a certain sadness that another month has gone by, and much of it was a blur. And all I see now are Christmas decorations to remind me how close we are to the end of the year!

I wonder if sometimes I stay “in the weeds” so much, that I forget to look out at the bigger picture. Do I get too focused on the doing, and forget about the planning and the dreaming?

One thing I did this year in an effort to lift myself out of the weeds was to choose my 3 words, as suggested by Chris Brogan. As I’ve written before here, rather than specify resolutions last January, I narrowed my focus to three words to use as guides for my choices of activities.

I chose CONNECT, TRAIN and ENJOY as my touchstones, unprepared for the power those words unleashed!

By looking at opportunities and choices through the lens of these three words, I have gained confidence as a writer, grown stronger as a leader, deepened my faith, and improved my health and self-esteem.

I am a better person because of my three words, and I want to build on the success of 2012. So I am enlisting some help.

Brave New Year (affiliate link) is a new program from Chris Brogan that will help me articulate my goals, cut out the excuses, and bravely move toward accomplishing more than I could on my own. There’s support, resources and community built-in to keep from feeling like you’re “out there alone.”

I encourage you to consider joining the Brave New Year community as well. Click here for more information about the program and to sign up.

Won’t you join me in Brave New Year? What are you aiming for in 2013?

2 thoughts on “How will you be brave next year?

  1. I wouldn’t call these BRAVE but some goals I don’t mind sharing are:

    -For the next 10 years add at least one WorldVision child to our roster each year
    -Run a half marathon
    -Publish three e-books

    I am already working on all three of those goals…why wait?

    • Very impressive Matt, especially, well, all three! I wish you great luck on all three and any others you have under wraps. I’m looking forward to determining mine through this class – there will definitely be more to this conversation! Thanks for commenting.

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