How three words change everything

3 words 2013What a difference it makes to have your focus in the right place!

I am amazed that a month has already gone by this year, but it has been packed with good experiences and positive things, many of which are due to my three focus words. Click here to read about my three words for 2013 – I’ll wait until you get back.

Clearly, JOURNEY has been a key focus word for me. I am usually all about deadlines and destinations and the finish, but so much of life is missed when that’s what you pay attention to. I have made a concentrated effort to notice more along the way.

Instead of racing through the day, I’m trying to slow down and be aware of the people I meet, and enjoy the situations in which I find myself. Rather than get in my “zone” when I run or work out, I try to notice the things around me, how I’m feeling, whether I’m feeling stronger. It leads to a better experience!

While I’m not always successful (not by a long shot), the fact that I achieve success some of the time is a victory for me. I just need to remind myself (constantly) that the JOURNEY is what is important.

My second word is APPRECIATE, and I can tell you that I am seeing incredible results from being more intentional in my appreciation of other people. As part of the Thank You Revolution started by Matt McWilliams, I have diligently handwritten and delivered at least one thank you card every Thank You Thursday to friends and colleagues who give me a shocked look, and then tell me things like, “you didn’t have to do that,” or “that means a lot.”

And the fact that I am being more intentional makes me notice so many more things to be thankful for! It also makes me realize how frequently I overlooked things that people were doing before.

DELIGHT is my third word, and I admit I have not been very successful. I struggle with this word because I become so focused on work, tasks and completion. I am planning some activities that are not work or task oriented, such as visits with family or word games with a friend. I can also relate that indirectly, my focus on JOURNEY brings some DELIGHT, but I need to work harder on this area.

So let me ask you if you choose three words, how are you doing?

If you have not chosen your words, I encourage you to consider choosing three words – it’s not too late! What will your three words be?

4 thoughts on “How three words change everything

  1. It’s wonderful to see a positive progress report built around your three words. Lovely post. Although appreciate isn’t one of my three words, during the month of January I made a commitment to be more cognizant of my blessings and good fortune and actively show (and feel) gratitude in all things. It’s amazing how that shift in perception makes a difference in how I respond when something doesn’t turn out just like I wanted.

    Vivace is one of my words and it has elements of where I think you’re going with delight. Although I’m not yet doing really exciting things that I aspire to do, part of that is due to really focusing on launching some new projects and just really having a full plate of tasks and responsibilities. I know I need to pull back, but I’ve found that really being present in the moment when my cat piles up in my lap or when I’m petting my dog gives me a great deal of delight. So, I’m finding delight through simply being more aware of my gratitude for the presence of my dog (now dogs) and cat. I hope that makes sense. I’ve edited it about 3 times!

    Best to you on the Brave journey this year. I’m loving it and I love that I’ve gotten to learn from you and hope that continues to grow.

    • You are so right Sheree about delight partly just being present – I LOVE it when one of my cats snuggled in my lap or sleeps on my back, and I need to be more present with that experience. I love your words – isn’t jazz one of them too? They are so vibrant. Thank you for commenting, and I am happy that we can learn from each other on this journey to being brave!

  2. I have chosen opportunity, intentionality, and dedication. These words are helping me to see and take more opportunities, be intentional about what I do, and stay dedicated to the people and things that are important to me. Thanks!

    • Love your words and that they are helping you be more intentional! Keep up the good work!

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