How does your attitude affect those around you?

Have you ever been around someone who is so cheerful, that you find yourself smiling in spite of yourself? What about that person for whom nothing is ever right – do you find yourself avoiding them?

I would imagine that few of us realize the impact our own attitudes have on people and how easily transferable an attitude is. It’s one thing when someone is having a truly difficult time with illness or grief or other challenges. That’s not what I’m talking about.

I’m talking about those people who are whiners – constantly complaining about any and everything. You know them. They respond to “how are you today?” with the “grievance du jour” and attempt to convince you that the world is about to end or at least that they are suffering more than anyone else.

I know I tend to find myself feeling less hopeful after spending time with this kind of person. Suddenly my world looks more gloomy and all my problems come to the forefront.

But then there are those with a sunny disposition. They are the ones who go out of their way to find me to say “Good morning,” and have a bounce in their step. Even on a rainy day, they are bright and have a way of making you feel like you are so special to them that their day is better for having had the privilege of speaking to you. You’ve met someone like this, right?

These kinds of people make me forget my problems, or shrug them off with a realization that it’s really not so bad. I am smiling after the interaction.

Isn’t it amazing how just a brief encounter with someone, even just two words, can change your whole outlook on the day?

So now my challenge to you is to think about how people feel after an encounter with you. Are they smiling? Or are they shaking their heads in disbelief that you have brought them down?

How will you adjust your attitude today to positively affect those you meet?

8 thoughts on “How does your attitude affect those around you?

  1. Love this Carol! I see myself on the “sunny disposition” group. Being around negative people drags me down. I just don’t know how they can go through life complaining about everything and everyone with a “misery loves company” focus. I’ll remind myself of how my attitude affects others, especially at home. Thanks!

    • I’m with you – why be miserable all the time? I’ve been around some folks who refute anything I say with something else negative – and I finally just give up and try to get away! thanks for the comment!

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  3. Having a positive and optimistic attitude is so essential. The attitude we have defiantly rubs off onto others, either for the good or bad. It’s why we must chose to have a good and positive attitude no matter what is happening around us.

    • Absolutely – it’s so easy to get sucked into whatever is happening and so hard to stay positive and rise above it. I am struggling this week and keep having to take a deep breath and realize once again that sinking into the negativity does no good. Thanks for the comment!

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