Halfway mark

Photo courtesy of Colin Whittaker (Creative Commons)

Photo courtesy of Colin Whittaker (Creative Commons)

When I am running, especially a long run, it is amazing the change in mindset that happens when I hit the halfway mark. No matter how much I am struggling, something about knowing that I’ve finished half of the distance really helps me both mentally and physically. Even though I might still have over an hour of running on tired legs, it’s easier knowing that I have only a few miles left.

I guess it’s the same phenomenon with “hump day” – you’re on the downhill side of the week after Wednesday, and that much closer to the weekend.

Knowing how well this mindset works, why don’t I do that when I’m working on a project or a task?

Some of the work I do is extremely tedious, and it’s difficult to stay focused knowing I still have so much do to on it. There are days when it feels like I could work all night until the next morning and still not catch up!

But what if I split it up and created milestones? That would be much better for my mood, knowing that at point X, I’m halfway to the goal I set. Then I will either change tasks or take a short break. I bet I would get a lot more accomplished in much less time – and save my sanity.

It would work just as well with projects. Create a timeline for the project, then designate the milestones to hit with dates or time periods. Break that up and work toward the halfway mark.

To me, there’s no value in just plodding along always feeling overwhelmed. If there are some tricks to be more productive with less angst, I’m all for it.

Now, got to go define some halfway marks on my ongoing projects!