Go fly a kite

Photo courtesy of Phalinn Ooi (Creative Commons)

Photo courtesy of Phalinn Ooi (Creative Commons)

Yesterday on the way home from work, I noticed a kite flying high above the houses in a neighborhood. It was just floating up there, twisting and squirming and dancing in the wind. Carefree. Happy.

I wondered about who was holding the string at the other end, probably a child, maybe with an adult nearby for guidance. What fun they must have had just watching the colorful dance in the sky.

When was the last time you were carefree? Do you even remember it? Or was it so long ago it has faded in memory?

I can’t think of a time in months when I didn’t have some agenda, some obligation, some project or task to complete. No wonder I am so tired all the time. Busyness takes its toll.

So my challenge to you (and me) today is when will we go fly a kite?