Glimpses of glory


It’s always when I least expect it. I’m having a bad day or I’m preoccupied with challenges – regardless my mind is not clear. It usually happens when I am sinking into negativity – spiraling away from anything positive or good and headed in the wrong direction.

But then I glance up and see the sliver of moon rising in the east – orange, barely visible, breathtaking. It could be a brightly colored sunset or the trees in their autumn finest.

I hear a noise and realize there’s a deer on the hill that I am running past – just watching me go by.

It might be a coyote – stepping out from the bushes near my path. He stares for a minute before trotting off into the brush.

Seeing things like this make me realize how blessed I am – how blessed we are.

In spite of whatever issues or problems or challenges I have in my life, these are reminders of God’s power and majesty – that God is in control, and He does have a plan. Observing something like this just reminds me to stop to say thank you – and to hand my worries over to Him.