Getting my second wind

Photo courtesy of castgen (Creative Commons)

Photo courtesy of castgen (Creative Commons)

Don’t you love that feeling of getting a second wind?

I notice it especially when I’m doing a long run, at about mile 7 of 10, once I’m past the big hill (which is always a challenge), I get a surge of energy that gets me home.

Sometimes I get a second wind at work in the afternoon – I’m feeling really tired and out of focus, and out of nowhere, I feel renewed and ready to tackle the next stack on my desk.

What I would like to do is be more intentional in bringing on that second wind, instead of just hoping that I find it.

Many times taking a break can help me. Even just taking five minutes to get up, stretch, walk around a little, and not stare at the computer screen can do wonders.

Changing mental focus can help too, like when I am running. If I can stop counting how many miles I have to go, and realize I have only a few left, then I am suddenly not so tired.

Noticing that I need a break and a new focus is half the battle – usually I start slowing down way before I realize and sometimes it’s too late to salvage the day or the block of time. Working to exhaustion doesn’t help anyone, especially since that is when mistakes are made.

The goal this week then, is to take intentional breaks in order to get that second wind and accomplish more.

How will you get your second wind?