Getting fierce

Photo courtesy of Adam J. Merton (Creative Commons)

Photo courtesy of Adam J. Merton (Creative Commons)

I am not a violent person. But lately, I’ve found myself thinking about punching, kicking, and knocking out.

It’s not a person I’m targeting, but something far more dangerous.

Fear. Resistance. Anxiety.

These words keep popping up in my life lately, and I realize that up until now, I was always intimidated by them and let them rule me.

Instead of boldness, I was timid. Rather than reaching for my dreams, I settled.

In the last year, that has changed. Now I choose Bravery. Now I picture myself punching fear, kicking resistance, and knocking out anxiety. These days, I take Action. And I have to say, life is much better now.

In his Brave New Year course (affiliate link), Chris Brogan teaches that you must wear your CAPE (Confidence, Acceptance, Permission, Execution) of Bravery, and practice those principles constantly. I realized that all along I had Bravery deep inside, but just didn’t know how to bring it out into the open.  By actively working on my confidence, accepting where I am so I can build a bridge to where I want to be, and most importantly, by giving myself permission to act – I step out in Bravery often now (Execute).

I would love to say that I step out in Bravery daily – but that just isn’t true. What I find is that I must revisit these concepts on a pretty regular basis in order to continue moving forward. Setbacks happen, but it’s easier to turn things around these days.

Another beneficial concept in my search for Bravery is Jon Acuff’s new book Start (I will be reviewing this incredible book on Monday). Jon tells us that we should “Punch Fear in the Face” on our “Road to Awesome” – and his down-to-earth tips and information have really influenced my thinking as well.

Practicing Bravery means I’m not afraid to reach for things that seemed out of the question before. I used to think that running 3 miles was a stretch, but I will be running my first half marathon next Saturday.

Even though I went to school to be a writer, I convinced myself I was not good all these years. Now I have this blog, and write regularly for work, and have even collaborated on an ebook.

So what about you? Are you allowing fear and resistance to rule your life, or will you get fierce and do a little punching and kicking to step out in Bravery?

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