Get it finished

Photo courtesy of Paddy (Creative Commons)

Photo courtesy of Paddy (Creative Commons)

Have you ever noticed how gray your world becomes when there’s something hanging over you that you don’t want to do and you keep putting it off?

It might be something simple like cleaning off your desk, paying the bills, or making that doctor appointment or something major like doing your taxes or having that difficult conversation with a co-worker or family member. Whatever it is, you get that, “ugh” feeling when you think about it but tell yourself, “I can’t face that – not now.”

You go on about your life, but the thought that you still have to deal with “it” is niggling the back of your mind, so you aren’t fully present in anything you are doing.

Now what if instead of putting it off, you just suck it up and do it – git ‘er done – check that off your list?  Get it finished.

Don’t you feel better? Doesn’t your world suddenly return to full color after being a muted gray?

My question to myself is always, “why did I wait so long?” I have no idea why I put things off because that action robs me of living life to the fullest. I’m determined to face things head on this year and take care of them right away – so I can get on with being more content.

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