Found time

Photo courtesy of Collin Harvey (Creative Commons)

Photo courtesy of Collin Harvey (Creative Commons)

Ever notice how if you give a busy person something else to do, they are somehow able to do it on top of everything else they’ve already undertaken?

I think I’ve discovered one of their secrets. But I’m not going to keep it a secret from you!

It’s what I call “found time.”

I’ve discovered this because I’ve had to. As my life has gotten busier lately, almost to the point of overwhelm, I’ve looked for ways to squeeze a little more out of my day.

One thing I realized is that there’s a lot of time wasted that could be utilized, especially if you plan a little bit. For instance, I clear email on my phone when I’m waiting in line for my latte at Starbucks or at the grocery store. I plan work (in half hour chunks) for my wait at the allergist after my allergy shot.

By spending a few minutes at the end of the day planning the next day, I can scope out the day and be more efficient. If I am not shuffling through papers trying to figure out what needs to be done next, then I am accomplishing something and it is truly “found time.”

By planning the day, I can set up reminders, so I move smoothly from one task or project to the next. An added benefit is that if something happens and I need to reschedule, I still have that landmark on the calendar and it’s easy to adjust the date so I don’t lose track. I chose not to do one of my errands last night, and before, it would have fallen off my radar, but I took a second to adjust the entry and now I can easily take care of it tonight.

The sense of eking out a little bit more each day sure is a relief when the to-do list is so long, and once you start hunting for these pockets of time, you’ll find more and more.

Where is “found time” in your day?