Finding your balance

Photo courtesy of Cheryl (Creative Commons)

Photo courtesy of Cheryl (Creative Commons)

It’s so easy to lose your sense of balance in life and work. Your projects and tasks become so overwhelming that you can’t see the end of your list. You feel like you are spinning your wheels or continually adding things you need to do instead of finishing and marking anything off.

It can feel like you have to completely focus on the work to the exclusion of everything else. Head down, tune out the world, just get things done.

But that is probably the last thing you need to do!

One of my three words for this year has been PAUSE (read more here). I realize that I have not kept my emphasis on my three words like I should have this year, and by letting that slide, I have allowed myself to get off course and out of balance.

Pausing can be taking a break to walk around the building and clear your head after an hour of intense work. It can be going out with friends after work to have dinner or see a movie, or maybe going to a game on the weekend to completely unhook. Maybe for you it’s heading to the gym or for a run after work to burn off some steam, or just spending a quiet evening at home with your spouse and kids.

Whatever it is that breaks the cycle of all work will help you clear your brain and allow you to be even more effective when you do get back to that project. Plus, it helps you maintain those other important parts of your life, like relationships and health. After all, life isn’t all work.

What do you need to do to PAUSE and find your balance?