Finding the right rhythm

Photo courtesy of Mr. Nixter (Creative Commons)

Photo courtesy of Mr. Nixter (Creative Commons)

In the midst of change, it’s important to find your rhythm, otherwise you will feel like you are part of a marching band but not in step with the rest of the band.

Whatever the changes are – new job, moving to a new area, family changes – it’s hard at first because you are still trying to do things the old way. You have to really concentrate to deal with the new situation and nothing flows like it did before.

You may have a new location to get used to, new team dynamics to navigate, or different personalities and moods to learn. What I have found is most useful though, is to throw out my old expectations completely, and just start building new ones.

The longer I want or wish things could be the way they were or expect them to flow the way they did, the more frustrated I will become and the harder it will be to get used to the change.

If I toss out my former expectations and embrace the changes, then I have a much better chance of getting into a rhythm and moving forward. I can get back in step with the band.

As I go through a job transition now, I am bumping up against the fact that my days are no longer structured and organized, checking things off a list and being able to show what I’ve accomplished at the end of the day. Instead, I’m in and out of my office, all over the building, and pulled in a bunch of different directions. Instead of a list of tasks to follow, I have a mass of notes and things to follow-up on, and I seem to move things along, not finish and check them off.

Now that I’m realizing that this is the new normal, I have better able to end my days knowing that I did accomplish things, just in a different way. I’m more productive, and able to see my results in ways other than checking them off a list.

How can you get in the right rhythm?