Finding happiness in the ordinary

farmers marketI’m going to put you on the spot – what fun did you have last weekend?

I know for many people, the weekend is the time to catch up on errands, chores, and other obligations that we can’t get to during the week, and there isn’t always time for fun or truly relaxing opportunities.

One of the regular things I do on Saturdays is visit the local farmers market  with my mom to get our weekly supply of fresh tomatoes, peaches, kale and other goodies. The trip takes maybe 30 minutes, depending on how crowded it is, and then it’s on with the rest of the day.

And yet that is one of the highlights of my weekend.

I was thinking why I enjoy such a simple thing so much, and it’s hard to pinpoint. I think the ordinariness and familiarity are part of the charm.

There is something wonderful about buying produce from the people who grew it, knowing that the money you pay goes directly to them and not a middleman.  I’m not a foodie by any means, but local homegrown produce is a treat.

The spirit of the market is enticing – people from all ages and walks of life milling around with their bags, their children, their dogs. And smiling. If you look around, most everyone is smiling and enjoying themselves as they search for treasures.

There is nearly always live music, from a lone singer with his guitar to the bluegrass band pictured above that was playing this week. The song they are performing is called the “Farmers Market Blues.”

In addition to the produce are fresh-baked goodies, French press coffee, soaps, candles, jewelry, flowers and even a food truck, so there’s a cross-section of all sorts of things to enjoy.

But somehow the simplicity and routine of visiting the market is its appeal. Mama and I meet in the same place, do a loop around the booths and tents, take a listen to the music, make our purchases and head our separate ways.

And it is delightful.

What ordinary things do you do that bring delight?