Finding balance

Photo courtesy of ga.mike (Creative Commons)

Photo courtesy of ga.mike (Creative Commons)

Tame clutter. Organize everything. Heal yourself. Never wear the wrong thing again. Boost your metabolism.

These are the headlines that catch our eye on the covers of magazines when we’re in line at the grocery store. And we bite. We grab, buy and read, ready for a quick fix for the challenges we have – or imagine we have. I’ve been known to read even when I don’t need the advice per se, but hoping for maybe some hints to a simpler way to accomplish what may seem difficult.

But let’s face it. The quick fix is usually not a long-term solution, and the easy way out is most often only a patch for the particular problem.

You really only drop water weight with crash diets. You need to change how you eat and think about food and exercise to maintain a healthy weight.

it’s possible to “get organized” on the surface, but to live an orderly life, takes developing a system to manage all the incoming information, commitments and “stuff” on a daily basis.

Improving yourself takes a little work, and there’s rarely a solution that is painless and mindless. Resolutions sound great on New Year’s Eve, but fizzle out after even a week or two. One thing I have found that helps me more than all the resolutions I’ve ever made is to choose three focus words for my life and work each year (click here to read more).

What I find most valuable about choosing my words is that it gives me a lens through which to view my world. As I navigate new choices and commitments, my words guide me in my thinking and decision-making.

As I contemplate my words for 2014, a few have floated to the top of mind. BALANCE keeps popping up as a contender, since I tend to lean too heavily on work and “doing” and not enough on enjoying and “being.” I barrel full speed ahead and focus on others constantly and don’t take enough care of myself. I don’t rest well. The idea of holding a yoga pose such as this seems impossible. I definitely need more balance in my life.

I love the process of considering my words at the end of each year almost as much as learning to live with them at the beginning of the new year. What an exciting opportunity to improve my outlook and way of thinking!

If you were to choose, what three words would influence your outlook and thinking next year?