Find your sunny spot

Photo courtesy of romaryka (Creative Commons)

Photo courtesy of romaryka (Creative Commons)

I have realized some things about myself this winter. The seemingly unending string of bitter cold, dreary days, the steady stream of winter storms, and the combination of frigid air outside and dry heat inside are taking their toll. I have noticed my mood and motivation are definitely suffering.

I am usually eager to run every morning, and lately, all I want to do is stay curled up under a blanket with another cup of coffee. Even things I normally enjoy have become drudgery. I find myself wishing the time away until the weekend when I can stay inside and hibernate.

What I did notice one day recently was how different I felt when the sun came out. There’s a spot in my apartment where the sun streams in during the afternoon just before it slips below a hill and sets, and I was sitting just so when it came beaming in on my face. Wow. It was like someone had flipped a switch on my mood, and suddenly I felt inspired and happy and hopeful again.

So then I realized I need to find the equivalent of that sunny spot in other situations instead of letting myself get brought down by things. I guess sometimes we do seek out comfort in bad times, maybe even unconsciously. I know there have been a Friday or two after a tough week at work when I’ve stopped and bought myself flowers and the makings of a nice supper to cheer myself up. I’ve been known to call a friend for coffee or lunch when going through a particularly tough time. I bet you have some examples of “seeking your sunny spot” in difficult situations as well.

I guess what this has brought home to me is that I need to be more intentional in seeking the sun. I need to put myself into better situations so that the sun or happiness streams in on me and surround myself with people who reflect positive energy instead of negativity all the time. I need to choose to react differently when faced with challenges.

How do you find your “sunny spot”?

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  1. Knitting, a good novel (big-time escapism!), calling a friend, holding my cat, listening to music, cleaning out a drawer or shelf, storming through a list of yucky chores – these are all ways of feeling better. A little yardwork or a walk help too, but I’m certainly not dealing with the kind of weather you are experiencing in the South! Good for you for doing self-examination and figuring things out instead of just medicating!

    • Jana – there’s no sun today and it’s sleeting out there but my cat is in my lap and I’m feeling pretty good!

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