Find the door

Photo courtesy of Marc Wathieu (Creative Commons)

Photo courtesy of Marc Wathieu (Creative Commons)

No one is immune from adversity, whether that is in the form of illness or physical challenges, mental or emotional anguish, or struggles with work or personal life.

It can feel like you are standing in front of a wall of difficulty, with no way over or around, but wringing your hands and feeling sorry for yourself is not the way to get past it.

There is a woman who volunteers at the nonprofit where I work who has cancer. When she was first diagnosed, instead of having a pity party, she educated herself on her treatment options, their potential effectiveness, and the likely side effects.

It surprised me when she announced that she was not seeking treatment. She has shared that she has constant pain, but that if she takes a pain reliever each morning, she can function at mostly full capacity. She was not willing to lose the quality of life that she would have with any of her options for treatment.

I understand that choice, although I’m not sure it would have been mine. Yet it’s her attitude that is so amazing. She embraces life, and marches right up to every day determined to live it to the fullest. When you ask her how she is, she always answers with “Great!”

Instead of standing in front of that wall of trouble, she found a door. She did not wring her hands and whine about her situation, but boldly pushed her way right through.

That’s how I want to approach my life – boldly pushing through problems and complications. I want to – no, I WILL – find that door!

So how am I today, you ask? I am great!