Find inspiration where you least expect it


Ideas don’t always come when you expect them, and it’s so important to be open to them no matter where you are.

I shouldn’t be surprised, because I get a lot of writing ideas from running – but I have to admit I was a bit startled to find some really good networking ideas in a book about a career in sports that a friend gave me recently. It’s basically a book for student athletes, but it has some great advice about preparing for a career, finding a mentor, and yes, networking.

I expect to find good information from a business book or leadership speaker, but not from a book about sports. Yet, there it was. I’m glad my friend was paying attention and thought to share it with me, knowing that I needed some good advice in that area.

It’s important not to limit your sources of inspiration or fall into stereotypes because you think a certain book, event, person or experience will not provide valuable information. It’s also crucial to be paying attention all the time because little flashes of brilliance happen in the middle of everyday activities. You sure don’t want to miss it when one flashes by!

What is an unexpected source of inspiration for you?