Find courage and peace in the midst of terror

Photo courtesy of lel4nd (Creative Commons)

Bravery doesn’t always bluster into the room. And you can find courage in the most unlikely people.

One of the most powerful speakers of the recent Global Leadership Summit at Willow Creek Church, spoke barely above a whisper, and yet she filled the auditorium with a boldness so strong as to take our collective breath away.

Pranitha Timothy, Director of Aftercare with the International Justice Mission, shared that when she leaves on a mission, she never knows if she will see her family again. Yet she is compelled to go into dangerous situations in India to rescue people from slavery and bondage in factories and sweatshops.

Her voice is soft and hoarse, the result of a brain tumor which was successfully removed, but which left her mute for a time. We found ourselves leaning forward not only to hear but because her story is so compelling.

This wisp of a woman risks her life to save others – and depends completely on the strength she receives from God. She readily admits she would be helpless on her own.

What an amazing faith!

What if we approached our own lives with that level of faith? In my own experience, I know I have missed opportunities because I was too fearful to step forward. Rather than trust that God would give me the knowledge and strength to proceed, I have shrunk back into the familiar and safe. Now I wonder what have I missed by being timid.

“I have strength for anything through him who gives me power.” Philippians 4:13

What challenges will you tackle with the power of God?