Fall Afresh

What do you do when you get bogged down? You know that feeling – when you feel physically sluggish, mentally numb, and emotionally strung out. Depleted.

It happens to me usually in the summer when the heat is relentless (like lately when we just keep breaking records) and it just seems to wear me down. It can also happen when I get overloaded with too much work, too many projects and too many obligations.

Do you let yourself sink into the “glass mostly empty” mode?

“I have calmed and quieted my soul.” Psalm 131:2

Here are some ways to refresh your spirit, and improve your outlook:

Be grateful: Look for one thing you are grateful for – usually that one thing leads to other things you’re thankful for. Then before you know it, you realize you are truly blessed.

Be gracious: Smile. Greet people by looking them in the eye. When they ask how you are, say “Great!” Snarling at people only makes you both feel worse. Even if you have to force yourself to smile, you will automatically feel a little better.

Be gentle: Give yourself a break. Take some time for yourself, whether that’s reading, writing, watching a movie or spending quiet time with family or friends. We all need to rest and recuperate occasionally.

Be generous: Volunteer. Do something nice for someone unexpectedly. Giving of yourself helps you refocus outside yourself.

Be grounded: Remind yourself of your faith, core values and principles. Pray, read scripture and reconnect spiritually.

What are some ways you refuel your heart, mind and body?