Excellence no matter what

Photo courtesy of Alex Prolmos (Creative Commons)

Photo courtesy of Alex Prolmos (Creative Commons)

I was with a friend at the hospital recently after surgery, and saw the good and bad of nursing care.

When you are just out of surgery, still scared, and in pain and discomfort, you need a confident caring team who can calm your fears and make you comfortable. What my friend was met with was a frazzled care partner whose first words were an apology, and a team of nurses that seemed almost inept and indifferent to his concerns.

As I helped the care partner change the bed, she complained about being tired and overworked, and behaved very unprofessionally – and I should not have had to help. In that kind of situation, it is critical to project a level of excellence no matter what else is going on.

After the shift change, the new team was like a breath of fresh air. Confident, knowledgeable, understanding – they quickly did what needed to be done, and were responsive to concerns and worries. They owned the situation and projected excellence in everything they did.

In whatever work you do, excellence should be a goal on every level.

Which team are you on?