Enjoying life’s little pleasures

Photo courtesy of L-Ines (Creative Commons)

Photo courtesy of L-Ines (Creative Commons)

Do you fill your life up so much that you don’t have time for little pleasures?

I am often guilty of making lists that would take several people to finish – and then wonder why I’m tired and burned out.

This weekend, I took a little time to step back and pause. One of my three focus words this year is PAUSE (read more here), and I have gotten away from it. To remedy that, I spent time at the pool, sunning and relaxing, then sat on my porch reading and enjoying the birds singing in the trees.

To cap things off Sunday evening, I sat on the porch and watched the lightning bugs come out. Seeing all those little lights rising out of the grass brought back memories of catching them in jars with holes in the lids when I was growing up. Definitely something I need to make time for more often.

What little pleasures should you be enjoying?