Easter thoughts

I have struggled this week.

Last Sunday, I lost a dear friend to cancer. She has been fighting for two years, but this still hit me hard. It was also the 19th anniversary of losing my dad to cancer. Plus it is Holy Week. Needless to say, I’ve been more than a bit emotional.

Photo courtesy of Glen Van Etten (Creative Commons)

Photo courtesy of Glen Van Etten (Creative Commons)

It did not surprise me to feel emotionally spent, considering the circumstances. What surprised me was how physically drained I felt as well.

I have to be honest with you here – it has been difficult to run this week.

Since I have a limited window of opportunity to exercise each morning because of my schedule, I have a pretty tight routine. I need to be doing my yoga by a certain time, and headed out the door to the gym or my run on time, or I miss my chance.

It has taken a major internal pep talk every day to get moving, and then when I have hit the road, I’ve had to fight that inner voice the whole time to keep going.

What I found motivated me through all the discomfort and malaise, was knowing that I run in honor of Bennett. I have mentioned before that I have joined a program all “I Run For” in which people who run are paired with people who cannot, and we run or exercise in their honor.

When Bennett’s mom told me he has been sick this week, that made it all the more important for me to complete my runs for him. I managed 12 miles yesterday – on track for my training for the half marathon at the end of April – but I tell you I wanted to stop many times. The one thing that kept my legs going was the motivation that I could say at the end that I ran that distance for my little buddy Bennett!

Today I celebrate Easter. I pray Bennett is feeling better, and I am comforted in knowing that my friend Lisa and Daddy are at peace in heaven, rejoicing with my Lord Jesus!