Dodging the sprinklers

Photo courtesy of Jennanana (Creative Commons)

Photo courtesy of Jennanana (Creative Commons)

I do a long run on Saturdays that takes me through a commercial area which has sprinklers. If I time it right, I get past before they come on, but lately, I seem to be passing that spot at just the wrong time so I get hit with their industrial strength water stream.

Last week, I decided I didn’t want to get wet. I jogged through the grass, out to the street, thinking I could just go right around that problem.


What I had not noticed was that there was one sprinkler aimed away from the rest out near the street that hit me full in the face. Wow, that was a shock! I ended up getting soaked, more than I would have just staying on the sidewalk.

I was focused on only part of the problem, and in developing my Plan B, I went on assumptions, rather than looking around and paying attention to all the details.

How many times do we do that in planning our work and home activities?

We key in on the primary objective, create a plan, and think briefly about a contingency plan but nothing elaborate. Then when Plan A falls apart, we are left picking up the pieces and starting over rather than continuing along without missing a beat because we did not look at all the options.

I’m not saying that Plan B needs to be as completely thought out as Plan A, but when a lot is at stake, we do need to do our due diligence to make sure that if we miscalculated something on Plan A, there is a viable alternative to fall back on.

How well do you think through your Plan B?

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