Do your touchdown dance!

Photo courtesy of Josh May (Creative Commons)

Photo courtesy of Josh May (Creative Commons)

One of my favorite parts of a football game is seeing the touchdown dance some of the players do when they have crossed that goal line and the referees’ arms go up signaling TOUCHDOWN! It is always so fun to see those spontaneous leaps and dances in celebration.

Do you do a touchdown dance when you reach a high goal or finish a huge project?

I confess I don’t. I talk about it sometimes, but I usually just say “whew that’s done” and go on to next thing, instead of pausing to revel in the moment.

Last week I finished a major project and I missed the perfect opportunity for my touchdown dance. I work for a nonprofit, and part of my job is sending  the year-end donation statements to our donors.  It’s a project that takes several weeks on my end to get things entered, checked, and printed, and then several more days for an incredible team of volunteers to get them folded, stuffed and stamped.

I lugged the bags of envelopes to the post office and stuffed them in the bin. A huge sense of relief flooded over me and I really should have whooped and done my dance right there in the post office!

Instead, I quietly folded up all my bags and came home. It was anticlimactic.

Next time, that noise you hear will be me doing my touchdown dance and whooping and hollering! We need to bask in the glow of our accomplishments at least for a few minutes before getting back to the grindstone.

What touchdowns do you need to celebrate?