Do you remember to say thanks?

Photo courtesy of Nastassia Davis

Photo courtesy of Nastassia Davis

I bumped into an old friend yesterday, someone I haven’t seen in several years. As we were catching up, he mentioned a severe health scare one of his grandchildren had several years ago, and how it was finally resolved. As we talked, he told me thank you.

When I asked why, he said that he had forgotten to thank God for the fact that they weren’t dealing with that issue anymore, and he was thanking me for reminding him of that.

I walked away wondering how often I forget to thank God.

It’s easy to say thank you for the current blessings, the things that are foremost on our minds. But do we reflect on the many ways He has provided for us through this year? And past years? For the successful surgery, the miracle of children, that satisfying job? That dear friend who is always there or your spouse?

The end of the year is always a time to look back on the year, but what if we made being thankful a part of our everyday, all year long? How would that change how we view the people and events in our lives?

What have you forgotten to be thankful for?