Do you ask for help?

Photo courtesy of Nguyen Hung Vu (Creative Commons)

Photo courtesy of Nguyen Hung Vu (Creative Commons)

There are people in most workplaces who rarely, if ever, ask for help. They are the ones who usually have way too much to do, and still find it difficult to delegate or hand work off. They typically have the attitude that it’s easier to do something themselves rather than explain to someone else. They don’t ask a lot of questions, or if they do, it’s to clarify and then run with the task or project themselves.

The problem with these folks is that because they take on so much, productivity is not at the highest level possible.

It’s important to be accountable and responsible, but there is not always value in doing everything yourself. Like racers in a relay, it’s important to build on the strength and stamina of others for the long haul.

Being confident in handing off some responsibilities allows you to focus on what you do best. It also helps prevent burnout. By communicating thorough instructions and expectations, you can feel comfortable delegating, and then following up. That frees you up to maintain your focus on other tasks or projects that only you can handle.

What do you need to hand off to be more productive?

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  1. So. You wrote this for me didn’t you??? 🙂 You know how I hate to ask for help.

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