DO Summer in 15 minutes a day

Do SummerI have undertaken a new challenge this summer called “DO Summer” with Jon Acuff, author of the book Do Over. Starting on June 8, he challenged us to spend just 15 minutes a day working on a skill, and by the end of the challenge in September, we will have spent 1,500 minutes or 25 hours developing that particular skill.

How cool is that?

So I chose writing as my skill, and I diligently started marking my DO Summer chart. I did great the first couple of days until I had to get to work early one day and didn’t have time to write that morning. Eeeek! I saw my streak ending in just 3 days!

That’s when I realized I have to be more flexible. I am typically a morning person – up early to get things done when I’m fresh and at my best. I tend to wilt late in the day and find it hard to focus and get much of anything creative done. And I’m bad about telling myself if I miss that window of opportunity in the morning, then all chances of accomplishing those things I intended are blown.

But one thing I’ve noticed lately, is that while I may not be able to get huge chunks of creative thought done in the evening, I do seem to have bursts of productivity. And 15 minutes is better than nothing whenever I’m able to squeeze it in.

So that night, I turned off the TV and music, and focused on writing for just 15 minutes. That’s all I told myself I needed to do. I was so happy to discover that I managed to crank out some pretty good writing, even that late in the day.

And that means that so far this week, in 5 days, I have spent an hour and fifteen minutes writing.

What skill could you improve in just 15 minutes a day?

To read the book that started this challenge, go do DoOver.Me.