Dirty little secrets

Photo courtesy of Eugene Meidinger (Creative Commons)

Photo courtesy of Eugene Meidinger (Creative Commons)

We all have little secrets, don’t we? Things we would rather no one else know about and that embarrass us when people find out.

One of mine is that if there’s the electronic equivalent of the “junk drawer” – I have it. I’ve been spending some time getting more organized, and that includes going through emails and programs like Nozbe and Evernote.

What I discovered is that I have really good intentions, but not very good follow through!

You see, I discovered as I went through the backlog of emails, files, etc. etc., that I have several spots to park things to be read or reviewed. That’s terrific. It gets it out of my inbox and puts it in a place where I can review all those things together when I have a moment. I can access it from my laptop, phone or Kindle. Perfect plan, right?

There’s just one problem – out of sight, out of mind. I put things in these special places, but then never go back to read and review them! Oops. It’s like all the little things you stuff in the junk drawer, until you have no idea what is in there and are afraid to even open the drawer!

I had emails from months prior, blogs, and newsletters (with events long past). As I went back through, many were so old they didn’t matter anymore.

I spent time to clear things out, and now I can start fresh. But the key will be to regularly visit those holding places to read the things I thought important enough to park there. And to be more proactive in going there when I have a down moment – like waiting for a meeting or as a break between projects.

How do you keep up on all your electronic reading material without being swallowed up by it?

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