Digging deep when it matters

Ever notice how you can be so completely worn out or emotionally drained, but something happens and you find just a bit more strength to keep going?

It might be your “second wind” or sheer determination, but it always amazes me that when we think we are tapped out, we still manage to find that little extra.

I see this phenomenon in my own life, but even more, I’m seeing it in the lives of parents of special needs children and the children themselves through I Run 4, an organization that seeks to bring awareness to disabilities and diseases of all types. Runners (or those who have the gift of mobility) run in honor of those who cannot run, and find new motivation, inspiration and connections in the process.

Most of all, as we share our stories, I am in awe of these parents who deal with unimaginable challenges every day, just in day-to-day activities. They somehow find that extra strength every single day.

It makes my challenges seem insignificant.

And I pray that God continues to give them the strength and the blessings to keep digging deep.

3 thoughts on “Digging deep when it matters

  1. I cannot tell you how much it means to have someone validate the struggles we go through and support our children when we’re too tired to keep going on. Sharing each step with us as you run for us and our kids is a true blessing, Carol.

    Thank you.

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