Details make a difference

designs by mrsIn our fast-paced, bulk rate world of today, what a difference details can make. A personal touch really stands out in the sea of mass-produced products, don’t you think?

This week I received my hand-stamped dog tag necklace that I had ordered from and was blown away by the personal touches that made this delivery so special. It was special already because it honors my running buddy by proclaiming “I Run 4 Bennett” (click here for info). But the packaging was almost as special as the jewelry itself, and it was obvious that much thought and care went into making this an incredible experience.

And you better believe I will be recommending this company to others and ordering additional items!

The box was tiny, and inside the top, were the words, “Live Beautifully, Dream Passionately, Love Completely.” My necklace was nestled in a little bed of soft cotton, and along with the box, was a bag with care instructions and a little polish cloth specially made for the metal.

It felt like someone put that together especially for me and presented it to me in person.

These days is seems that we are settling for low quality, run of the mill products rather than appreciating the specialness of care in unique items, and the service that go along with them.

When I go into stores and see the racks and racks of identical products, or have to settle for less than ideal because it only comes that way, I am disappointed. There is something so appealing about the fact that this necklace was made just for me and there’s only one like it in the world.

In your business, are you appealing to the masses or do you seek out the exceptional? Do you revel in meeting special needs or do you expect your customers to just take what you have? Are you tailoring the customer service experience so people walk away feeling special or just a number? How would your business success change if you paid more attention to the personal touch?