Dedication to your dream

Photo courtesy of Nick Lee (Creative Commons)

Photo courtesy of Nick Lee (Creative Commons)

How important are your goals to you? Are you willing to sacrifice to reach them?

That’s the theme of best-selling author Jon Acuff’s book Start and his group called 5 Club.

5 Club is a monthly meeting of dreamers at, you guessed it, 5 am. Casual and low-key, we meet at Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace Plaza conference center. There’s coffee, a talk by Jon and networking. And it’s one of the most encouraging things that I do each month.

Not only do you hear progress reports and the “brag table” from other dreamers, but you get insight into “The Road to Awesome” from Jon. Most of all, you realize that you aren’t alone in dreaming of something better. I come away from each meeting fired up and ready to tackle my dream with both arms and wrestle it down. To make it happen.

Those who just do what is expected won’t be able to reach their dreams. It takes a willingness to be uncomfortable to grasp for things that are out of reach. That might mean getting up earlier – or staying up later. Or giving up some of your television or web surfing time. Or _________ (you fill in the blank).

What are you willing to give up for your dream?