Declare your risk!

Photo courtesy of Michael Bentley (Creative Commons)

Photo courtesy of Michael Bentley (Creative Commons)

What risks are you willing to take on the road to reaching your dreams?

Sometimes the fear of what might happen is enough to stop us from even considering pursuing our dreams. That voice of Resistance starts in telling us that all these awful things will happen, whether real or imagined, and we crawl back into our shell like a turtle.

But what if you were brave and like that turtle, took a small risk by sticking your head out of your shell?

In a sense, that’s what I am doing as part of New York Times best-selling author Jon Acuff’s new adventure called the “Start Experiment,” an extension of his book Start. Participants were asked to state their “risk” and we are bravely sticking our heads out of our shells to make progress toward that risk over 24 days.

With guidance from Jon and the support of a group of like-minded people, the risk seems less scary. Plus, the combination of a defined time period and the breakdown into smaller, doable steps helps quiet that voice of Resistance. Like the turtle, I’m making slow, steady progress toward my dream.

No matter what your dream or goal is, stating it is half the battle. Once it is distinct, it becomes easier to break it down into smaller pieces, all leading to the big goal. Then fear is just whispering to you.

Fear is easier to squash when he’s not yelling. Once you master the smaller piece, then you can look toward the next risk, and before you know it, your dream will be within reach.

What small risk are you willing to declare on the way to your dream?

One thought on “Declare your risk!

  1. What a great idea, Carol! I’ve found out that when I take big risks, I realize I am stronger and braver than I thought, and that all my fears didn’t even come close to happening. Go, girl!

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