Crashing my comfort zone

Photo courtesy of Jeanette Goodrich (Creative Commons)

Photo courtesy of Jeanette Goodrich (Creative Commons)

I love the expression “crashing my comfort zone” that I heard in a song by Hunter Hayes the other day.

As nice as it is to settle into a routine and not explore things that make me uncomfortable, I am not growing and learning if I am not crashing those zones.

Just putting my toe in the water is not enough – I want to dive in and feel the exhilaration. That’s why I am learning to face my fears and not shrink back when confronted with challenges. And sometimes I’m seeking those challenges out.

Exploring ways to improve and become stronger physically and mentally means doing things like taking online courses that force me to think through daunting topics like identifying my mission, looking at my habits, and finding more productive ways to do everything.

It means pushing myself physically to run harder, lift weights, eat better and become healthier. Another way is by reading books that expand my thinking about being positive and disciplined (I seem to be finding incredible books by former Navy SEALS lately).

I am not gently pushing through or asking permission. Instead, I am blasting through that “comfort zone” barrier. Can’t wait to see what I find on the other side!

How are you crashing your comfort zones to improve?