Craft a reel vision for winning

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What does winning look like to you?

No matter what your business or area of interest, winning plays a huge part in your ability to continue. A business that isn’t successful won’t last long, right? And if you are continually struggling with a skill or activity, your energy and effectiveness will wane.

In his book, The Power of Habit, Charles Duhigg describes a tool Michael Phelps, the Olympic swimmer, used in his training. His coach suggested that he mentally visualize the perfect race – climbing onto the blocks, the start, strokes, turns, and finish. “He would lie in bed with his eyes shut and watch the entire competition, the smallest details, again and again, until he knew each second by heart,” says Duhigg.

Phelps has gone on to be the most decorated Olympian ever with 22 medals.

That habit of picturing the race made it possible for Michael to win even when his goggles malfunctioned and he couldn’t see to finish a race.

The practice of imagining works for more than swimming competitions.

Visualize the perfect customer interaction. The ideal shareholder meeting. A flawless training session. The ultimate conversation with your spouse. Whatever you do, imagine the Hollywood reel version in your head.

Envision the situation from beginning to end, and play it over until it feels part of you. Then when you are faced with the real situation, you will already know what to say and what to do.

Encouraging your team to visualize winning can empower them to become stronger team members and leaders. Have your team talk through their vision of winning at an off-site meeting to embed positive, successful ideas that will be released when they are faced with the circumstances in reality.

Don’t leave winning to chance. Proactively plan and rehearse the actions, words and expressions needed to gain victory.

What elements do you need to envision in order to win?

4 thoughts on “Craft a reel vision for winning

  1. Every good athlete uses detailed, clear, vivid visualizations.

    I learned these lessons growing up playing golf and working with a sports psychologist. Everything he taught me about golf performance applies to anything in life.

    Such as:

    1. The more clearly defined your visions are, the better.
    2. The subconscious mind doesn’t understand the word “don’t” (as in “don’t hit it left…the mind hears “hit it left” or “don’t be nervous” comes out in the mind as “be nervous”…guess the result)
    3. Every statement must be a positive statement. The counter to “don’t hit it left” is “there is plenty of room right.” A good caddie will never use the word “don’t.”
    4. A smile really does lift the spirits and crystalize visualizations. I used to smile before each shot as I visualized. Truly made me happier and enhanced the desired result.

    These same (and more) apply to every aspect of life.

    Want to handle conflict better? Imagine a tough situation and see yourself handling it properly. Stay positive and smile at the end. See what could go wrong and see yourself responding perfectly.

    The list of ways it can be used are endless.

    Great post Carol!

  2. Glad to see this post! Good concept and good AUTHORship!!! I’m still not crazy about The Power of Habits, but will let you know when I finish! Keep going! (Runkeeper?)

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