Team First PresI am now less than a week away from my first half marathon, and reflecting on the strength I have gained through this journey – physically, mentally and spiritually.

I have trained as well as I could, including my run last week on the course itself. I have begun tapering, running slightly shorter distances so as not to overuse those muscles. Mentally and physically, I am ready.

I pick up my race packet on Thursday, and then race day is Saturday. Hard to believe it is really almost here.

It is still a bit unnerving to hear about the tragedy in Boston, and tears pool in my eyes when I see those images, but I know that this race will be safe simply because there’s been time to anticipate any problems.

By running with my team from church for Team World Vision, I know my efforts contribute to a higher good by raising money to provide access to clean water for families in Haiti. The orange bracelet I have worn throughout my training reminds me every day why I am running, and has also been a conversation starter when people ask me about it.

During my training, I also joined another incredible group. As part of the “I Run For” community, I run in honor of Bennett, a little boy with Down syndrome, every time I run. Knowing that has been the most inspirational part of this entire journey, and will continue long after next weekend’s race. The relationships I am developing with Bennett and his parents, as well as the other runners and honorees in the group are invaluable. Just knowing that each step I take honors him has gotten me out on the pavement on days when I just wanted to curl back up in bed, when my leg has hurt, and when running was the last thing I wanted to do. So thank you Bennett!

I treasure the spiritual aspect of running, especially my early morning solitary runs. Time to think, pray and marvel at God’s glory. And thank Him that I am able to run.

I am nearly to my goal of raising $1,500 for Team World Vision. Will you consider supporting me? You can give online at my fundraising page by clicking here. Thank you.