Climb That Hill

When you have a large, complicated project, do you dig right in or find excuses to put it off?

I have to confess that many times, I do the latter – there are 2 projects that come to mind as perfect examples. Put both off way too long, and really what I ended up doing is dreading and agonizing about them and kicking myself for being so ineffective. And when I finally did start each of them, I felt so good about accomplishing so much, that I got on a roll and made progress on some other things as well.

That process is worth paying attention to.

There is a daunting hill toward the end of my running route that really challenges me. Some days, I think about turning around and going home the other way, but that would lead to more mental anguish for having given up. If I push through and get to the top, I feel like I could tackle the world! The same is true when I accomplish a seemingly impossible task or project – all sorts of endorphins and energy are released that make anything seem attainable. Bring it on!

In his book Eat That Frog, Brian Tracy advocates doing the hard task first (eating the frog) to make the rest of your day more productive. As a vegetarian, I prefer to say that “climbing that hill” first thing can help you accomplish more in your day. The mental energy that can be freed  up by dealing with the hardest part of your day first is unbelievable. Makes for even more productivity throughout the day.

So give it a try. Go ahead and climb that hill – tackle your hardest project first thing this morning and see what happens. Then comment here and let us know how the rest of your day went.

Will you climb that hill? What does your hill look like?