Clear the junk

Photo courtesy of Eugene Meidinger (Creative Commons)

Photo courtesy of Eugene Meidinger (Creative Commons)

When I get tired and stressed, the first thing that happens is junky thoughts start crowding my mind.

It’s like a junk drawer that has gotten completely disorganized and jumbled. Before long, my thoughts are like all that stuff mixed up in the drawer.

Then the negative voices start.  You know the ones – that if I was smarter, this wouldn’t be such a problem; if I was better, I could do this; I’m not good enough; I … can’t.

I know those thoughts and voices are dangerous, even as I’m listening to them get louder. I know I need to be shutting them off, but I still let them chatter.

Before long, I’m believing them. That’s when it really gets scary.

It’s so important to STOP!

When I hear those voices getting louder, I need to clear that junk out of my head.

I’m no good to anyone when I’m listening to those voices. It’s important to do whatever it takes to quieten them – talk to a trusted friend or colleague, read positive affirmations, go for a walk or run, or just get busy!

Sometimes the best way to clear the junk is just to start somewhere, and suddenly, I realize that I am smarter or more skilled or at least more focused than the voices said I was.

How do you clear the junk and negative voices out of your head?