Check your attitude

Photo courtesy of LollyKnit (Crreative Commons)

Photo courtesy of LollyKnit (Crreative Commons)

I overheard part of a couple’s conversation in a coffee shop the other day. Her tone of voice was decidedly whiny, and she was telling him about her upcoming day. Victim oozed out of her words as she talked about she had to do this, and no one ever did that so she must, and she sure wished they would…

The poor guy had a look like he was searching for an escape, and the few times he tried to say something to her, she snapped back at him.

I wonder what she would have thought had she been watching from my position?

It made me sit up and pay more attention to my own attitude. Even when things aren’t going my way, I’m even more focused on projecting a positive attitude. I may let myself sink in private, but no one wants to be around anyone with a whining victim mentality.

What does your attitude project?