Channeling bravery

spiderI hate bugs. I especially hate spiders.

So imagine my concern when I walked into my kitchen last night and I stopped short before walking into this gigantic spider dangling from the ceiling, slowly dropping toward the floor. I’m talking heart-stopping fear.

I stood there long enough to catch my breath and make a plan – because there was no question who was winning this battle – I could not stand the thought of wondering where he was in the night. I found a magazine, took a deep breath, and whacked him against the floor as hard as I could. He was no more.

Afterwards, I wondered why I have such trouble channeling that kind of bravery and gumption in other situations. Whether it’s a difficult conversation, standing up for myself, or righting a wrong, I shy away from confrontations and end up unhappy and unsatisfied.

Thinking back through what happened with the spider, I want to use these principles in other situations:

  • take a deep breath and quickly analyze the situation – do not act in panic
  • formulate a plan
  • act right away

The problem with most other situations that call for bravery is that I get hung up on the formulating a plan, and think through endless loops of possible responses and reactions and end up thinking myself out of action. I need to just do it. Just have my say, or start the conversation, or make that phone call.

How much better could life be if I was brave and acted on my best interests more often? Pretty amazing, I think.


2 thoughts on “Channeling bravery

  1. You made me smile with your story, Carol. I am NOT a spider fan either. Because we live in a very wooded area, all kinds of critters make their way in. My kids are experts at spotting “long legs” and know to tell mom “get the vacuum, I found another one!”. I love the lessons you learned. It’s hard to deal with ugly stuff, but once you get through it , you realize that you are braver than you think.

    • Lily, I love the idea of “long legs”! Don’t you find it interesting that the lessons become so clear in those moments of pressure? Thank you for sharing sweet friend.

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