Changing the dynamic of life

3 words 2013A new month.

There’s something so uplifting about turning the page on the calendar and seeing that fresh new month, laid out and ready to be engaged. Possibility abounds for adventures, new experiences, exciting connections.

A new month is also an opportunity to refocus on my three words JOURNEY, APPRECIATE, and DELIGHT (click here to read more) and ensure I am on track. The later it gets in the year, the easier it is to veer away from my words and lose some of the power of their focus.

JOURNEY continues to be the primary driver in my life. What an influential reminder it has been to slow down and pay attention. April was the culmination of several long-term activities, including my half marathon and mentoring a 6th grader through the Confirmation process at church, and both experiences were richer because of my emphasis on the JOURNEY, not the destination. I am a stronger, better person for having gone through both of these experiences.

Sadly, APPRECIATE and DELIGHT both took a back seat to JOURNEY this past month, simply because of the overwhelming busyness of the month with activities that consumed my entire concentration. While I have continued to write at least one thank you letter each week as part of the Thank You Revolution, I admit my appreciation of the efforts of others has been half-hearted at best. Time to step it up and truly recognize those around me for the incredible efforts they are making in my life and the lives of others.

And DELIGHT. I do find DELIGHT in the little things – seeing a bluebird on my run, or a beautiful sunrise, or conversations with friends. I don’t always acknowledge these things or intentionally pursue activities that will bring DELIGHT. As this new month begins, I will more consciously review my days and pinpoint these little things while also looking to include activities that are purely enjoyable.

So now it is your turn – if you made resolutions or chose three words in January, how are you doing? And if you didn’t, it’s not too late to start now. What three words would change the dynamic of your life?

2 thoughts on “Changing the dynamic of life

  1. Carol, thank you for revisiting your three words for the year. You remind me that a revisit is in order for me. And, thank you for sharing your progress. It creates a connection with you and your journey.

    • Thank you Pat for stopping by. Time goes so fast, I love doing a monthly review of my three words so I hold myself more accountable. Glad it helped you too!

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