Change is on the way

Nashville set an all-time record with a high of 109 degrees yesterday, so I set out to run this morning a little earlier than usual, hoping to beat the heat.

One drawback about being out that early, I discovered, is that no one has yet cleared the spider webs from the path. I was jogging happily along one stretch of sidewalk with bushes on both sides, and ran through a MASSIVE spider web – face level. Whoa, that was a surprise.

So after that, I changed my tactic and waved my arm in front of my face where bushes were on both sides of the sidewalk to prevent another impact. (I’m sure anyone going by wondered what I was doing, but who really cares, right?)

That got me to thinking about change. So many people avoid or fight change. Whether at work, church, or home, we like the comfort of things the way they are. But honestly, in our world today, everything is changing so fast, we do ourselves a disservice by avoiding it.

What if we learned to embrace change?

Change doesn’t always have to be scary or bad. Just the simple change of waving my arm, while looking silly, did prevent me from a repeat face collision with another spider’s overnight work.

I bet that if we developed a new attitude toward change, and encouraged those around us as well, we could make improvements in our lives on all levels.

Just one small adjustment can make a difference that will lead to additional incremental advances. And before you know it, you may have developed a new habit.

  • Organization: take a few moments to put things where they belong the first time – hang up your clothes when you change, put the mail in your inbox instead of the kitchen counter, etc.
  • Fitness: get up a few minutes early one or two days a week and walk – then add a day, then add a little distance.
  • Healthy eating: replace your snack of a candy bar with an apple or handful of nuts, or grab a bottle of water instead of that soda. What about having one vegetarian meal a week instead of meat every night?
  • Spiritual: Before you check your email in the morning, read a chapter in the Bible and spend a few minutes in prayer.
  • Family: Tell your spouse, child, or other close family member that you love them, out of the blue, when they aren’t expecting it.
  • Friends: Decide to send one or two emails a week to a friend just to say you’re thinking of them.

Change doesn’t always have to be big and traumatic, but it can lead to huge improvements if we learn to embrace it.

What little change will you make today? What do you think it might lead to?