Change is in the air

Photo courtesy of Stefan Munder (Creative Commons)

Photo courtesy of Stefan Munder (Creative Commons)

Can you smell the difference? I’ve noticed the last few days that the air smells different outside, and I can just feel the change in seasons coming on.

I think it’s partly the Labor Day holiday. Even though we’re having some of the hottest days of the summer, that holiday has always signaled the end of lazy days and the beginning of fall in my mind.

Nature is changing though. I now start my daily run in the dark and get to see the skies lighten and turn brilliant colors as the sun comes up. I have actually seen a few trees with red leaves, like they are getting a jump on everybody else.

The fields and trees just seem to be starting their fall activities, pulling in toward hibernation. I find it fascinating that as nature curls in, everything else seems to be ramping up to busyness. New programs at church begin, school starts, football season begins – all signs of a change in season.

In my own life, I feel the need to examine and consider making changes with each change of season – whether it’s to scrutinize priorities, adjust responsibilities or rethink relationships. It’s easy to just flow along until you realize you are not on the path you want to be anymore.

It’s important to pause and reflect periodically – to review my goals and make sure they are still audacious, to put some activities on hold if they aren’t taking me to a key goal, and to nourish those areas of my life or relationships that might have been neglected in the past season.

What changes do you need to make with a new season?