Catching myself wasting time

Photo courtesy of Yung Tsai (Creative Commons)

Photo courtesy of Yung Tsai (Creative Commons)

It was a simple email. I was clearing my inbox, and saw the notice from Facebook that today was a friend’s birthday. So I thought I’d quickly head over and post a note on her wall.

Ten minutes later, I broke away from scrolling through the feed – reading mostly mindless posts and wondering how I got sucked into that?? What a waste of time! At least I only lost 10 minutes.

But how many times do we do things like that during the day, and how much time does it add up to? It’s the same when I turn on the TV for “background noise” and end up sitting there staring at a commercial, completely interrupting any work I was doing and consumed with – well, junk.

I’ve been reading a lot lately about productivity and work-life balance, and challenging myself to spend less time on work and more on personal time. But then I catch myself wasting time on Facebook, or email, or TV, and think what a shame. That is time that I could have spent reading, visiting with a friend, or doing something worthwhile.

I need to focus more to finish what HAS to be done, so that I can free up more time to spend on what I WANT to get done.

Bring on the focus!

One thought on “Catching myself wasting time

  1. Totally guilty of this one, not TV but Facebook just seems to drag me in and NEVER LETS GO!!!!! 🙂

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