Catch the little things

Photo courtesy of Caro Wallis (Creative Commons)

Photo courtesy of Caro Wallis (Creative Commons)

At a recent meeting, I was astounded when the leader managed to raise the morale of the team by praising or paying a compliment to every person in the room.

It was not like a checklist that he went down, but during the course of the meeting, he was able to mention something good that each person had been part of, whether it was on their own or as part of a team.

The fact that he had been observing and making notes about these accomplishments was big enough, but then he made sure to share those actions so that the rest of the team heard as well. It was truly amazing the way it boosted the entire group.

Catching people doing even little things well means so much because leaders tend to only focus on the bad things. In a sense, no news is good news, but it can be discouraging when you are working hard and you have the feeling that no one even notices.

Just a simple “thank you for doing _____” (it’s important to spell out the specific action you are praising so that the appreciation is more sincere than a blanket thanks) can go a long way toward building up your team’s morale and encouraging more of that same kind of action.

Who can you compliment doing something good today?